Nashiji Bog Oak Chef 212mm

The newest one-of-a-kind kitchen knife build from Oliver Märtens of Kassel, Germany is easy to pick up and hard to put down. A long, hard, hair-popping sharp workhorse blade is forged from tough 1.2419.05 tungsten-carbon steel that's poised to perform any task the kitchen can throw at it. With superbly shaped convex bevels that slope downward to a thin, near-zero edge, this knife packs a touch more durability and strength than some of Oliver's work, yet as expected, a full-distal taper leads to an extremely fine, pointed tip, allowing the 212mm / 8.3" long by 61mm tall blade to perform with confidence, versatility, and finesse wherever it's needed. Oliver's recognizable matte grey forced-patina finished bevels are complemented by the blade flat's nashiji texturing that shows the marks of its hand-hammered origins. For comfort and control Oliver has selected a piece of bog oak, secured with a single brass pin, and capped with an heirloom-fit ferrule of solid micarta.