Black & Gold Santoku 170mm

With a removeable handle in deep black Juma, a high-quality, sustainably produced synthetic material designed for knife handles, capped with a faceted ferrule of solid brass, this elegant chef knife by Berlin bladesmith Oliver Martens is ready to rule the kitchen. At 170mm / 6.7" long and 53mm tall at the heel, the thin, balanced, razor-sharp blade is hand-forged from 1.2067 carbon steel, creating a tool to do it all in kitchens large or small. The Japanese-inspired profile is versatile and wonderfully executed, rocking nicely on the board while maintaining a low, needle-like tip perfect for precise slices and detail work. Rounded, polished spine and choil complement the blade's forged finish and satin, convex bevels beautifully. Oliver accounts for every detail, and the results speak for themselves.