Aluminum Damascus Gyuto 230mm

In another first from German bladesmith Oliver Märtens, this exquisite blade, the longest we have received from him at 230mm / 9.1", is shaped from damascus-clad san mai steel of Oliver's own making. Featuring this talented maker's usually superb and versatile convex geometry, 85 layers of 75NI8 and S700 carbon damascus extend downward from a tapering spine to a thin, razor-sharp edge of 1.2419.05 tungsten-carbon steel. Tough and ready for anything at the 61mm tall heel, a flat length of edge is designed for efficient chopping, the profile then beginning to sweep upwards towards an extremely fine, needle-like tip as the spine above also slims, resulting in a touch of lateral flexibility in the final inches and all-around outstanding utility for daily work in all corners of the kitchen. For grip, in Oliver's recognizable, comfortable, and unique style, a hidden-tang handle is sculpted from striking black canvas micarta capped with an heirloom-fit bolster of anodized aluminum and brushed brass.