Wrought Ironwood Chef 233mm

Narrow and light at the needle-like tip, thin along the razor-sharp 233mm / 9.3" edge, and weighted with balance and heft at the unique bolster and beautiful handle, this chef knife from our newest maker Noah Vachon is a true one-of-a-kind. Beyond the obvious, namely its striking wrought iron-clad san mai blade steel with vein of nickel and shou sugi ban ironwood handle with heirloom-fit wrought bolster and butt cap, this knife is built to cook. Not necessarily common in Noah's work, he chose to bring the heel back to just below the start of the handle bolster, providing control and precision for cutting work directly beneath the fingers. Tapering steadily along the spine, wide and sturdy above the choil, to barely over 1mm an inch from the tip, with tall, convex bevels throughout, the blade is a versatile workhorse, the front of which moves quickly and easily given the knife's overall weight of 10.6oz and balance point where wood meets bolster in the handle (ie. directly above the blade's heel). A gorgeous piece from this Montreal, Canada-based maker.