Denim Copper Mosaic Chef 230mm

Stunning curly mango wood and a sculpted, heirloom-fit ferrule of denim and copper micarta are just the beginning of this head-turning chef knife from the newest maker to join the Eatingtools family, Montreal's Noah Vachon. With comfort and control accounted for by the faceted, octagonal, hybrid Western style hidden-tang handle, we move to the blade of 1084 and 15n20 carbon steels. In a house-made mosaic damascus pattern that keeps us coming back for more each time we look away, Noah has shaped a 230mm / 9.1" long by 66mm tall cutting tool with rounded spine and choil, subtle plunge just before the tang enter the ferrule, and a balance point a touch in front of the heel. Tall, subtly convex bevels drop down below a spine with full-distal taper that leads to a pointed yet strong tip, complementing a thin, sharp, and sturdy edge with flat section toward the rear for chopping, and curvaceous up-swing in front for versatility, from carving, to slicing, to detail work at the tip. A kitchen workhorse to do it all, the details, from the mango's shimmery chatoyance, to the copper highlights in the micarta, to the outstanding damascus work, have us gushing.