Barbed Mosaic Chef 227mm

Your eyes may call it art, and it is just that, but at its core this is a tool through and through, and it just begs to be used. From Niko Nicolaides comes another striking and boldly designed one-of-a-kind mosaic damascus chef knife with the balance, geometry, and all-around versatility we expect of Niko's work. Rarely if ever using the same damascus patterns on more than one blade, this 227mm / 9" beauty features a pinwheel-esque 'barbed' pattern above an edge bar of ripple mosaic carbon damascus steel. Although the spine is relatively thin out of the superbly shaped integral bolster, the knives brings weight and strength to the cutting board even as a distal taper slims to a needle-like tip that will slice with precision and ease. Thin at the edge, convex bevels above are sure to provide outstanding performance and food release. Sculpted from G.L. Hansen & Son's 'Bungle Maze' G-carta, the handle is quite comfortable, a slim spacer of carbon fiber adding the finishing touch.