Stainless Mist Chef 205mm

Forged and superbly finished by bladesmith Nick Rossi from CPM MagnaCut stainless steel, this beautiful, full-size chef knife is the tool any chef can reach for to tackle every cut in the kitchen. A relatively new stainless alloy, MagnaCut was developed by the best in the business specifically for knives where edge retention, toughness, and corrosion-resistance are each valued, and it's use here furthers this knife's position as an ultimate daily workhorse. Nick takes the satin-finished, freehand convex bevels to a very thin, very sharp, and very hard edge which measures a versatile 205mm / 8.1" long. Atop the hand-sanded bevels is a dark, forge-finished section that reaches back through the wide tang and into the handle, creating a horizon-like line where the Maine coast's morning mist gives way to ocean and sky. Quite comfortable in the hand, you will find a tapered stretch of misty green and gray linen micarta full of facets and detailed transitions to grip, merging first with a thin purple ring, and finally to the point where thumb and forefinger meet, the location of a sculpted bolster in black and white carbon fiber.