Rustic Rosewood Petty 150mm

Like all of Nick Rossi's handmade chef knives, this integral forged petty is easy to pick up, and hard to put down. At 150mm / 5.9" long with a 42mm high heel in 1080 carbon steel forged by hand at Nick's Maine studio, this compact tool packs a big punch, with the geometry to do it all. Thin at the edge with pronounced convexity above through the silky, satin-finished bevels, Nick finds a wonderful balance between finesse and toughness, a thick, rigid spine tapering from integral bolster to tip, providing rigidity and strength as well as the ability to perform precise, detail cuts and slices. Balanced at the center of the robust, beautifully forged bolster the knife is weighted and solid in the hand with the blade moving nimbly and with control. For comfort Nick has sculpted a striking piece of rosewood gifted to him by renowned bladesmith Don Fogg, capped with a thin ring of red G10, with a stepped-down heirloom fit where it meets steel, and finally, fastened with domed and polished stainless steel pin.