Tunnel Mosaic Damascus Chef 200mm

A one-of-a-kind creation from Vermont bladesmith Nick Anger, this extraordinary kitchen tool boasts a 200mm / 7.87" blade in house-made mosaic carbon damascus, consisting of three individual alloys that make up the half-dozen pieces of material which were combined to create the final blade. Tall, thin, and tapering steadily to a fine, razor-sharp tip, the Western-style profile stands 60mm high at the heel and provides a touch of lateral flexibility, resulting in an extremely versatile and well-balanced chef knife. Precisely heat treated in-house for uncompromising performance, the blades flows seamlessly to an integral bolster, and beyond to the organically shaped handle of black-dyed maple, spalted maple, and micarta. Included is a custom, leather-bound wooden saya with felt-lined interior.