Stag Mosaic Petty Chef 140mm

Presenting a distinctive and unusual build from bladesmith Nick Anger: not only is this petty chef knife shaped in a unique profile reminiscent of a small carving knife, it's forged from gorgeous mosaic damascus steel created for Nick by bladesmith Emiliano Carrillo of Massachusetts. With parallel bars of distinct pattern-welded steels running from bolster to tip, Nick has formed a strong and sturdy blade with enough material behind the edge for the toughest cuts, while his superb heat treatment and distal taper along the spine provide a subtle touch of flexibility and a light, nimble feel in the hand. And this tool's stand-out style does not end with the blade. Behind the integral bolster is a comfortable, classic handle of antler with blade tang visible at the rear, and a spacer of black paper micarta in the front.