Pale Moon Mosaic Chef 270mm

Dressed in rather striking pale moon ebony accented with two black micarta spacers and capped at the rear with a Damascus "A" that forms the hidden tang's retention bold fastener, this one-of-a-kind chef knife by Nick Anger is a work of art in every way. The 270mm / 10.6" blade stands 64mm tall at the heel where the edge is thin, sharp, and strong for the toughest cuts, with the geometry shifting to that of a compound 'S-grind' less than an inch in from the gently rounded choil. From that point forward, a tall, subtlety concave stretch merges with the lower convex area, presenting a slim, versatile, and beautifully balanced edge culminating at a pointed but sturdy tip, supported by a full-distal taper along the rounded spine that results in just a touch of lateral flexibility in the blade's final inches. A mosaic of carbon damascus patterns which range from linear, to geometric tiles, to what one might call organized chaos, flow throughout, and back into and around a sculpted integral bolster that is a joy to wrap the fingers around. A large and exquisite tool built to cook with daily and admire for generations.