Carnivore's Chef Set

Powerful and impressive in more ways than one, a two-knife chef's set by bladesmith Nick Anger for unyielding work in the carnivore's kitchen. Matched from handle to tip, the 200mm chef knife and 195mm butcher's cleaver are each forged from a beautiful house-made carbon damascus pattern in 1080 and 15n20 alloys. Freshly etched, polished, and with newly refined geometry, this pre-owned set comes to us directly from Nick. To truly tackle it all, begin with the versatile, perfectly sized chef, thin and light, with subtly compound 'S-grind' bevels providing performance, strength, and food release, and a tapering spine that offers a touch of lateral flexibility toward the very slim tip. By its side is a hand-filling meat cleaver with matching integral bolster, a classic butcher's blade hole, and the weight and profile to process anything in its path. Both handles, in Nick's simple, comfortable style, are sculpted from dyed and stabilized box elder burl with maple, and a spacer of black micarta. From this renowned Vermont knifemaker, a pair unlike any other.