Interwoven Mosaic Chef 230mm

Named for the blade’s beautifully forged ‘Interwoven’ damascus steel pattern, Nick Anderson’s first chef knife to grace our collection is just stunning. At 10oz overall weight with 230mm / 9" edge, the integral full-tang construction, with a blade heel that drops below the hand, and perfectly proportioned handle, gives the knife a full, balanced, and powerful feel atop the cutting board. Tapering steadily to a slim tip, the spine gives its own visual perspective on the damascus's figure, and extends back through the Suriname Ironwood handle scales, secured with a trio of mosaic pins, and fitted at every juncture with uncompromising detail and quality. Designed and built for daily meal prep, it's an honor to welcome Nick, the sole bladesmith behind Nanda Knives of Oakland, California, to Eatingtools with such a unique and striking tool.