Spalted Beech Cleaver 178mm

Striking, capable, and handcrafted in Austria from home made, stainless-clad, go-mai steel, this 65mm tall cleaver by Martin Huber is strong, weighted, and versatile. A forward-balanced, sturdy blade brings the solid feel and abilities of a workhorse edge to the cutting board, ready for demanding work, from chopping gourds, stacks of asparagus, and parting turnips, to slicing raw proteins, while at the same time delivering an edge amply thin enough to dice onions and julienne carrots. Forged from five layers of material, stainless steel on the outside, a layer of pure nickel to reduce carbon diffusion from the core layer, and finally said core layer of high-carbon steel to form the sharp, hard edge. The handle, comfortable, slim, and slightly tapered back to front, is crafted from a beautiful piece of orange-dyed, spalted beech, and fitted with a bog oak bolster.