Ironwood Ku Mai Chef 215mm

Poised to be the balanced, proficient workhorse every kitchen can benefit from, this 215mm / 8.4" long and 55mm tall Western-style chef knife from bladesmith Martin Huber delivers big potential in a nicely sized, versatile package. Forged from a beautifully constructed blade of stainless cladding, 50-layer damascus, pure nickel, and a 1.2519 carbon steel core, stiff and sturdy convex geometry which sits low on the bevels is matched to a thin, hard, hair-popping sharp edge to do it all. While the rounded, polished spine tapers only in the final inches, adding to the knife's overall robustness, the taper that Martin does include results in a strong yet needle-like tip, perfect for precision cuts and detail work. And to wield this elegant blade with comfort and control is a simple handle of desert ironwood with black micarta pins in full tang construction, providing another welcomed view of the steel's nine-layer construction.