Ironwood 9-Layer Cleaver 177mm

Clad in satin-finished stainless steel, the blades nine-layer formula brings 100-layer damascus between two veins of pure nickel and edge of 1.2519 carbon steel to the cutting board for capable and efficient chopping day in and day out. For the latest chef's cleaver by Austrian bladesmith Martin Huber, the house-made steel is forged to produce a striking, 177mm / 7" long by 78mm tall blade with wonderfully shaped convex, mid-height bevels above a very thin, razor-sharp edge. Perfect for effortless vegetable chopping using the knife's forward balance and weight to slide through ingredients like butter. Spine and choil are rounded for comfort in the pinch grip, and an elegant, understated handle of ironwood burl with a tapered bolster of stabilized bog oak and flush retention bolt visible in the rear provides control in any grip.