Integral Chestnut Gyuto 235mm

A rare offering from Austrian bladesmith Martin Huber, this is the first integral construction chef knife from Martin that we have had the pleasure of holding, and one clad in three-alloy damascus no less. Beautifully balanced a touch in front of the blade's heel, this tool is robust and weighted in the hand, offering a workhorse feel and capabilities, combined with thoughtful and dynamic details that make it versatile enough to become the do-all knife in any kitchen. Above medium-high convex bevels is a tapering spine, stiff and wide out of the striking integral bolster, and eventually ending, 235mm down the line, at a thin, pointed, needle-like tip for detail work. Thin, hard, and sharp at the 1.2519 high-carbon edge, Martin leaves ample material back toward the heel for the most demanding cuts, while steadily slimming the geometry as he moves forward. With 78 layers of damascus on either side of the core, and a layer of pure nickel between them to restrict carbon diffusion during forging and hardening, each layer is visible through the top and bottom of the sculpted, hand-hewn bolster. Completing a simple, comfortable, wa handle in Martin's preferred shield-style form is a piece of dark, lovely chestnut wood, finished with a flush, stainless retention bolt cap at the end.