Sunday Butcher Block & Plate

Named for the Sunday evening sunset witnessed outside of Luke Martin's studio in Western Canada on the evening that he completed this stunning butcher block, we're pleased to offer Luke's newest culinary creation. With canarywood reminiscent of the glowing orange sky on that March night, light and earthy maple matching the wheat fields below, and padauk, walnut, and beech to round out this five-ingredient build, the board is every bit as gorgeous as the Spring season in which it was crafted. Together with an exquisite, custom plate handmade by Luke to match the board perfectly, the fit and finish of both is second to none. The board features a juice groove on two sides, and below, opposite the short side with the juice groove, is a half-moon cutout that allows for the placement of the plate for efficient depositing of ingredients while chopping. To stand securely and boldly on the countertop are four premium rubber feet with stainless steel hardware.