Plenty Butcher Block & Plate

At 19” / 483mm wide by 11.75” / 299mm long, Plenty Butcher Block & Plate is larger than the average board from Luke Martins of Owl Woodworks and every bit as unique, giving you plenty of space to cut, chop, and slice on a one-of-a-kind surface. Made from canarywood, walnut, and maple, the board is easy on the eyes with a balanced geometric design and contrasting light and dark tones that together, beautifully emphasize the grain of each type of wood. To please your eyes further, when the plate, made of the same materials, rests under the half-moon cut, you can see its pattern satisfyingly sync up with that of the butcher block. This block has two juice grooves and premium rubber feet with stainless hardware that keep the board in place while you prepare endless feasts for your friends, family, and of course, yourself.