Vertex Reaper Petty 158mm

A one-of-a-kind creation which once witnessed is not soon forgotten, as only Korben Bloomfield, bladesmith in Kent, England, can realize. From his KWB Knives workshop comes a petty chef knife with upswept slicer profile and unique, one-piece partial handle construction that stretches a forged, textured, and tapered length of the blade's material through the integral bolster and beneath the full length of the handle, which itself is a work of art. The pair of sheen nickel veins passing through the steel on either side of two domed and polished steel pins on the handle’s bottom is only the start. Atop, Korben has taken a piece of double-dyed and in-house stabilized chestnut wood and cast it in clear resin infused with a post-apocalyptic scene of dust and hand-painted and textured skulls. Back at the blade for the fleeting moment you are distracted away from the handle you will find Korben's special black finish to protect against oxidation atop nicely shaped convex bevels that culminate at a hard, sharp, and versatile edge that offers the strength for demanding work as well as a needle-like tip and overall balance for precision cuts and carving, at the dining table or in the kitchen. A handcrafted display stand is included.