Tsuchime Skate Petty 120mm

Our first petty chef knife from brothers Kamil and Michal Hanuljak, this will certainly not be the last. In a size and profile with unlimited uses around the kitchen, the 120mm / 4.7" blade is thin and sharp at the edge, tapering forward along the spine to a needle-like tip for detail work, and boasting the makers' beautiful hammered 'tsuchime' finish on the blade's flats above slightly convex bevels. A long, comfortable handle and 40mm tall blade height combine to make this a comfortable tool in any grip, and it can even be used above the board for handheld tasks in larger hands. From cut and stacked reclaimed skateboards, an ode to the artists' love of the sport as well as the creative freedom they so enjoy in their knifemaking, the handle is both unique, stylish, and eye-catching.