Tsuchime Skate Gyuto 227mm

An outstanding, full-size, hand-forged carbon steel workhorse chef knife for home cooks and working chefs alike. Our first monosteel knife by Czech brothers Kamil & Michal Hanuljak, the geometry, balance, and overall wonderful feel in the hand, from the weighted, high-carbon blade with stiff and tough tapering spine coupled with thin, hard, razor-sharp edge below short convex bevels, and long, comfortable, and head-turning handle, make this an instant favorite for us. The balance point lies around one inch in front of the blade's heel, helping the knife move effortlessly through ingredients, while a low, pointed, and quite slim tip makes detail work and slicing a breeze. With 227mm / 8.93" of edge that stands 58mm high off the cutting board, there are few if any cuts this capable tool will not excel at. And last but certainly not least, pairing beautifully with the blade flat's hammered 'tsuchime' finish, is a handle sculpted from reclaimed skateboards, an ode to the maker's life-long love of the sport, as well as to the creative freedom that knifemaking offers them.