Wrought Go Mai Chef 185mm

Clad in classic and beautiful salvaged wrought iron atop a layer of pure nickel that reduced carbon diffusion from the 1095 carbon steel core, this new chef knife from New Jersey-based bladesmith Joshua White is as functional as it is captivating. As is common with Josh's work, the blade is strong, stiff, and weighted, wide at the spine as it extends from the handle, tapering downward to a sharp, hard, convex edge, and tapering outward to a needle-like tip at the end of the aggressive blade profile. Balanced a finger's width in front of the edge's heel, the knife is robust, solid, and versatile feeling in the hand, standing 49mm tall to rock nicely on the board, with ample straightness in the rear of the edge for efficient push/pull cuts as well. Dressed in two-tone maple with a natural aesthetic and lovely grain, the faceted, octagonal handle tapers nicely for comfort and control, and is capped with a carved ferule of black G10.