Sand Dune Honyaki Chef 200mm

Bladesmith Joshua White of New Jersey reveals a striking, silky hamon line on the polished and etched W2 carbon steel blade of this 200mm / 7.8" hand-forged chef knife. Nicely balanced half-way between the front of the vintage butterscotch micarta handle ferrule, and the maker's mark on the blade, this knife is wonderfully weighted and sculpted to become a mid size, go-to kitchen workhorse for any chef. The rounded blade spine tapers only slightly until a half-inch before the strong, pointed tip, perfect for a wide variety of prep work. Excellent convex bevel geometry leads to a thin, hard, durable, and very sharp edge. Comfortable in any grip and slimming from back to front on all sides, the handle is a work of art in its own right; the same micarta used for the carved ferrule forms a frame with filework all around, sandwiched between nicely shaped outer scales of black G10. Josh makes handle removeable using a bronze through-nut exposed at the rear.