Rainforest Go Mai Chef 200mm

Our first offering from this talented bladesmith is a unique and beautiful chef knife forged from house-made go mai (five layer) steel made from 1095 and 15n20 carbon alloys clad in wrought iron. Joshua White of New Jersey delivers with the striking blade a bold and comfortable handle, and above all else, a weighted and commanding feel in the hand. Nicely balanced just in front of the blade heel, a point above which the width of the spine measures over 6mm across, the knife brings a combination of qualities to the cutting board that play so nicely together: a slim, tapered handle to control a 200mm / 7.8" blade that is stiff, strong and relatively heavy throughout while also enjoying superb geometry perfectly suited to the canvas, both top to bottom and front to back, resulting in a thin, sharp, hard edge, a full-distal taper to a needle-like tip, and a sense of control in the hand. With outstanding fit-and-finish, including heirloom-fit inlays and spacer of green carbon fiber, the handle is constructed from four pieces of black G10, and is removable using a through-nut at the rear.