Jet Burst Chef 227mm

A sleek, beautifully crafted, jet-black chef knife in burst pattern carbon damascus steel, hand-forged in New Jersey by the talented hands of bladesmith Joshua White. A formidable daily workhorse for any kitchen, Joshua finds outstanding balance and versatility in style, his knives bringing weight to the board for effortless cuts; a wide spine at the handle tapers steadily along the length of this 227mm / 8.9" blade, while a sharp, hair-popping edge sits below convex bevels, carefully shaped for thinness behind the edge while providing strength and excellent food release. The house-made damascus is forged from 15n20 and 1084 carbon alloys, then polished and etched. Curving back to beneath where the index finger rests, the blade's heel is placed for precision work as well as downward cutting power, and it is nicely rounded, as is the spine, for comfort in the pinch grip. Finally, the handle, removeable by a brass retention through-nut at the rear, is sculpted from jet black G10 with detail carvings and filework all around, offering excellent grip and a comfortable, welcomed tactile experience.