Towering Explosion Chef 203mm

Towering 88mm, or nearly three and a half inches off the cutting board, the explosion pattern damascus blade of this one-of-a-kind work of culinary art is ready for serious action. Relatively lightweight for its size and wonderfully balanced, bladesmith Joshua Prince has given the striking blade compound 'S-grind' geometry and a thin, razor-sharp edge from tip to heel. The spine tapers from the mid-point to a slim tip and maintains rigid for all but the final inch where only slight lateral movement adds to the knife overall versatility. The house-made carbon damascus steel extends into the heirloom-fit integral bolster where it meets a section of monosteel that forms the hidden tang within a comfortable, sculpted handle of sapwood amboyna burl, complete with recessed pinky drop-in. Easy to pick up, hard to set down.