Molasses Stainless Chef 158mm

At 61mm tall with a thin, sharp, 158mm / 6.22" edge in house-made stainless damascus, the first of its kind from bladesmith Joshua Prince's Rhode Island workshop, this integral chef knife is both compact and mighty, weighted and steady on the cutting board, ready for every ingredient in the kitchen. Josh has finished this beautiful, one-of-a-kind cutting tool with a decidedly rustic feel, the wonderfully patterned blade reviving a deep, dark etched finish above the polished edge, while the handle bolster meets wood at an undulating, organically shaped juncture, the marks of the forging and assembly process evident. At the rear of the comfortably sculpted, hand-filling black walnut handle, which seems to flow like molasses, is a domed, pattern welded stainless retention nut.