Mammoth Anvil Cloud Cleaver

A mammoth of a creation by artist and bladesmith Joshua Prince, the more time spent with this extraordinary chef's knife, the more one discovers. Beginning with a handle that allows for this tool's operator to wield the impressive blade with confidence and control, ancient mammoth tusk is set on either side of the full, integral tang finished with an heirloom fit, each piece wide enough to easily view and experience the stunning Schreger pattern, via the cut's back-facing cross section, that formed in this impressive animal's teeth so many millennia ago. Moving forward, the house-made damascus patterns present are first noticed in the long, sculpted integral bolster where intricate details in metalwork can be studied indefinitely. Finally, bolster gives way to blade, a blade which measures 190mm long by 103mm tall at the heel, and a scale-tipping 120mm height at the tip. Forged by hand at Josh's Rhode Island studio, the blade is formed from a mosaic of complementary damascus patterns, headlined by a large, round damascus plug. The multiple alloys, some with a nickel content that helps maintain a bright finish during the final etching process, play together to produce twists, turns, parallel and non-parallel lines, and a cloud-like marking, among other effects; jaw dropping at every turn. And of course, this knife is built to be used. If you can take your eyes off it.