Le Pinch Monosteel Chef 220mm

Bladesmith Joshua Prince has taken a single piece of high-carbon steel and carefully and thoughtfully forged it through heat and pressure into Le Pinch, a chef knife featuring a unique and beautiful forked handle. The handle's form allows the top and bottom pieces to flex slightly, providing unforeseen comfort and joy to its user. Between forked sections and blade is the one-piece handle's bolster element, wide and sculpted on top and bottom, and left textured from the forge on the sides. Then there is the blade; the business end of a tool built for daily use in the kitchen: Quite thin. hard, and razor-sharp at the 220mm / 8.7" edge, Josh has delivered a profile that rocks beautifully on the cutting board and offers a high, slim, yet strong tip at the end of the spine's full distal taper for detail work. To aid in food release and overall performance, compound geometry has been achieved through forging only, with a subtle, hollow span present above the lower convex stretch of the primary bevels, in the rear half of the blade. A stunning object from end to end.