IronSides Cleaver 175mm

Five distinct layers of metallic material are combined through heat and force to form the cleaver's 175mm long by 74mm tall blade, the same materials mushrooming from the blade's choil to complete the integral handle bolster. Bladesmith Joshua Prince carries his blade's wise and work-hardened feel through to the handle, which, by the way, seems to melt into the hand with natural ease; we suspect the use of burned and weathered oak whiskey barrel stave soaked in stabilizing resin as the culprit for such tactile gratification. Through outer sides of quality, vintage wrought iron, through Joshua's 'Monster Mash' damascus beneath, and finally to the edge of 52100 carbon steel, the cleaver brings the balance, strength, and proportions of a butcher's tool to the cutting board, while maintaining a weight and degree of thinness behind the edge that will make it excellent for parting large and dense vegetables in addition to proteins. A stunning piece with unlimited potential in the kitchen.