Doomsday Machine Chef 345mm

The Doomsday Machine, a name inspired by Episode 6 of Star Trek, Season 2, is a true feat of metal-contorting diabolism. The creator, of course, is artist and bladesmith Joshua Prince of Rhode Island. Joshua combines a swirling, natural carbon steel damascus pattern made partly of rolled tiles of a patterned composite, that is interwoven with his DNA Matrix pattern, the culmination of which is then paired with a distinct and separate edge bar to form the finished, etched surface composition seen here. As unique as the combination of raw materials itself is the fact that the entire object contains no joints, transitions, or alien materials; the steels which form the edge and bevels are those which form every element of the knife, from the tip of the blade to the end of the handle. A true one-piece construction, and at a scale to turn heads no less. At 345mm / 13.6" overall edge length, this knife will know few equals.