Cubed Damascus Chef 205mm

The first and smaller blade of a matching pair, each crafted by hand from mesmerizing, house-made 'Cubed' mosaic damascus, this knife and its larger sibling, the Cubed Damascus Chef 250mm, represent the inaugural delivery of culinary objects from our newest artisan, Joshua Prince of Princeworks Forge. With a 205mm / 8" cutting edge, the blade stands 67mm tall at the heel, an undulating choil and elegantly curved profile providing maximum cutting power in a package of just 310mm / 11.8" overall length. Tapering to a sharp, fine, upswept tip at one end, the blade rocks beautifully on the board, the hard, thin edge providing a relatively flat section for vegetable chopping at the other end. To fill the hand with comfort and control, a sculped piece of two-tone Australian Gidgee wood is a fitting culmination for this stunning tool.