Binary Suns Redwood Chef 233mm

Moving through time and space, gravitational waves diverge, and converge again, as suns of a binary system orbit a center of mass between them, adhering to the laws of physics and at the same time bending the mind with the power and potential they represent. Enter bladesmith Joshua Prince, and his ability to harness the forces of nature through the movement of metal and celestial imagery to create a one-of-a-kind chef knife forged by hand, bearing not only the geometry and nuance to become any chef's go-to daily prep knife, but a piece of astrologically inspired art at the same time. Thin, flexible, and razor-sharp, homemade carbon damascus steel forms both the 233mm / 9.17" blade and integral bolster, while a beautiful piece of redwood completes the sculped handle. And for transport and protection, a world-class saya formed from beaver tail leather with magnetic blade retention crafted by Francesca Ritchie of Teton Leather Co. is included.


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