Schreger Mosaic Chef 230mm

The wildly talented Joseph Schrum of Halcyon Forge has created yet another one-of-a-kind chef knife guaranteed to turn heads wherever it goes, wherever it cuts, and wherever it fills a cook's hand with unbridled joy. The one aspect of Joe's work which matches his eye for design and ability to create never-before-seen damascus steel patterns like this one is his technical aptitude and knack for delivering to the working chef a tool with the balance and geometry to perform in the kitchen. At 230mm / 9.1" long with a 52mm high heel this knife offers a workhorse feel in the hand, weighted and rewarding with a balance point half an inch in front of the heel and a near-zero, razor-sharp edge beneath pronounced convex bevels dialed in for toughness and cutting performance. Tapering distally for the final four to five inches along the rounded spine, the blade ends at a very fine tip for all manner of detail work and precision slices. For comfort and control a simple, classic, oval wa-style handle is sculpted from a piece of ancient bog oak and capped with a ferrule of five-to-ten-thousand-year-old mammoth tusk placed to exhibit the Shreger pattern of the proboscidea order of mammals to which this extinct species belongs.