Ebony Damascus Chef 217mm

Forged from striking carbon damascus steel that seems to flow with parallel rivers of liquid magma from a powerful eruption, Joseph Shcrum of Halcyon Forge delivers his newest, stunning cutting tool for the discerning chef. Joe crafts knives to perform even better than they look (yes, it's possible), and his combination of a balance point just at the blade's heel, compound 'S-grind' bevel geometry above a very thin, very sharp edge, a stiff, weighted spine for power and control, a full-distal taper to an especially fine tip, and nicely rounded spine and choil for comfort, combine to provide just that. But the magic of this piece lies not only in the versatile, all-business blade, but in the handle and saya as well. For grip, Macassar Ebony is sculpted into a traditional octagonal form, founded at the edge, and fitted to a classic buffalo horn bolster. The saya is carved from the same two materials, with dovetailed buffalo horn accents joining the two sides of ebony. An extra saya pin is included.