Damascus Copper Gyuto 255mm

With 255mm / 10" of thin, hard, and sharp edge, the long, classic blade profile of this Jezz Heywood gyuto offers a relatively flat stretch toward the heel and a nicely curved front section that ends with a very slim tip, making it a versatile blade for chopping, slicing, and everything in between. And as expected from Jezz, this utility is complemented by extraordinary looks; the blade composition includes damascus cladding of wrought iron, 1020, 1085, pure nickel, and reclaimed Land Rover roof among other alloys, laid atop a band of copper, with an edge of Hitachi Blue No.2 combined forge-welded with 80CRV-2 carbon steels. Beautifully balanced just at the blade's heel, comfort and control is solidified with a long, tapered, D-style handle for right-handed chefs shaped from a micarta-like composite and given a brass pin at the rear.