Bullnose 500-Layer Petty Chef 158mm

There are few cuts for which we would not choose this striking damascus petty chef knife during meal prep in our own kitchen. Forged from elegant and dense 500-layer carbon damascus steel created in-house by Australian bladesmith Jerarmie 'Jezz' Heywood, the blade is versatile, strong, and sharp, thin enough below convex bevels for precise slices, and sturdy enough for tougher cuts. Sharpened to the last millimeter of steel at the bullnose tip, enough material is maintained for any number of creative cuts with the curved cutting edge and tasks requiring added strength at the blade's end. Where the blade's hand-forged origins are most evident, above the sculpted choil, the steel tang is found secured in place using traditional dowel construction, the dowel in this case carved from Tasmanian Oak, and then wrapped for comfort and control in a long, comfortable, and handsome piece of spalted willow.