Red Compound Gyuto 212mm

From his latest delivery of purpose-built cutting tools comes a head-turning chef knife from Australia's James Oatley, superbly fashioned to slice with a near-unprecedented degree of efficiency and buttery-smoothness thanks to its superb geometry including symmetrical compound beves and high-polish, convex cutting edge. Shaped and balanced just in front of the edge's heel to provide a nimble and natural feel in the hand as James' work is known for, the tall profile and razor-sharp edge help make this a daily kitchen tool like no other. Aided by a backward leaning, rounded blade choil and three-way faceted spine for comfort in the pinch grip, the round-to-tapered handle of dyed and stabilized maple offers comfort and control as well as the ability to disassemble the handle for maintenance via the single domed pin. A custom saya with brass pin is included.