Ebony Beefwood Gyuto 212mm

To turn heads and conquer the kitchen, bladesmith James Oatley delivers a one-of-a-kind gyuto hand-forged from stainless-clad san mai with a combination hammered and silky, hand-sanded finish. As expected of James' work this beautiful chef's knife exudes power and grace in the hand, balancing its steady and solid 8.8oz / 256g weight just in front of the blade's heel, with its density spread evenly through the 212mm / 8.3" long by 65mm tall blade and comfortable handle of handsome ebony and beefwood. A slight distal taper along the rounded blade spine maintains strength and rigidity, coupled with sturdy and superbly shaped convex bevels, gives the knife a workhorse feel, while James' usual thin, hard, and extremely sharp final edge provides the ability to perform the more delicate and precise tasks around the kitchen. Below a layer of pure nickel is a pointed tip that is every bit thin enough for the finest detail work. The handle, in James' recognizable shape, symmetrical and rounded from top to bottom with a taper toward the front, is secured with a domed brass pin that allows for disassembly for care and maintenance. A handmade saya in Australian Bottle Brush with brass pin is included.