Copper & Brass Gyuto 225mm

With profile and geometry that falls somewhere between that of a workhorse gyuto and double-bevel unagisaki, this striking chef knife build from James Oatley is nothing short of extraordinary. James' knives are always inspired by traditional Japanese sensibilities with his own unique styles shining through, and a large portion of his body of work falls into the realms of seafood preparation, making this one-of-a-kind knife with 225mm / 8.9" of tough, polished, razor-sharp edge fitting nicely in this vein. The layered steel, clad in stainless, copper, and brass damascus with a cutting core of VToku-2 carbon steel, features low bevels with pronounced convexity, a thin, near-zero edge, and forge-finished flats above that bear the marks of each hand-hammered blow.  Comfort and control are provided by a beautiful handle in James' recognizable hidden-tang wa form, tapering back to front, and fitted with a solid copper ferrule and single domed pin that allows for disassembly to assist with care and maintenance. A custom saya with gorgeous grain and a copper pin is included.