Redgum & Pine Chef 215mm

A classically designed and beautifully executed gyuto forged by hand from 14c28n stainless steel is bladesmith Jackson Rumble’s answer to the question 'What full size chef knife can do it all in a tried-and-true profile with easy-to-maintain blade steel and razor-sharp edge?". The tall, convex blade bevels enjoy a silky, satin finish and a thin, hard edge with relatively flat profile for long, efficient slices, and a low, pointed, and very slim tip for precise detail work. Balanced nicely just in front of the handle, Jackson has rounded and polished the blade's choil and heavily rounded the spine for welcomed comfort in the pinch grip. Sculpted in a traditional octagonal form for control in the hands of any chef, gorgeous, ancient redgum wood with a contrasting bolster of huon pine form the handle.