Ebony Feather Chef 190mm

The Ebony Feather Chef brought to you by Australian bladesmith Jackson Rumble gets its name from the eye-catching, house-made feather damascus pattern, but also its feather-like weight. At just 5oz / 144g, the 190mm / 7.5” blade provides a thin, razor-sharp, and nimble cutting experience for effortless slices and daily prep work. A steady distal taper along the nicely rounded blade spine culminates at a slim yet strong needle-like tip for more exact and precise work. With a 47mm tall heel, the blade’s utility expands to rocking cuts, the profile providing just enough curvature while maintaining its domination over push-pull cuts as well. The rounded choil and overall balance further add to a knife that is natural and rewarding in any grip. The tonal variation of the damascus pattern is contrasted by the octagonal handle sculpted in ebony that sits comfortably in the hand as each facet is carefully shaped and smoothed. A simple nickel silver spacer adorns the handle and simultaneously highlights the lighter tones of the blade and contrasts the dark, carved wood.