Ian Rogers Redwood Chef 241mm

Just back from a complete spa treatment by the artist himself, Ian Rogers of Haburn Knives, including full hand-finishing of the handle and blade, a fresh damascus etch, and sharpening, this pre-owned gyuto is now available in like-new condition. Crafted by Ian at his Washington studio from a seemingly simple, but of course anything but, striking carbon steel damascus pattern, the 241mm / 9.5" blade enjoys compound S-grind geometry with convex section above a very thin, hard, and sharp edge which culminates at an extremely fine tip. The knife balances forward, just in front of the 56mm tall heel, giving it a steady, workhorse feel in the hand while providing Ian's slicing-machine edge for versatility no matter what the kitchen throws at it. In a classic and comfortable shield-profile wa style handle profile, sculpted redwood fills the hand, capped with beautifully finished stainless steel and G10 ferrule and spacers. An opportunity to own a one-of-a-kind full size chef knife by one of the best in the business.