Cocobolo Raindrop Chef 203mm

A rare offering from an incredibly talented artisan, this K-tip gyuto by Ian Rogers of Haburn Knives boasts a gorgeous raindrop pattern damascus blade with thin, razor-sharp, 203mm / 8" edge. Forged by hand at his Vancouver, Washington studio, the blade's bevels have been sculpted with exacting, convex geometry to a near ‘zero’ edge, then etched and polished to reveal a lustrous, high-contrast finish that will slide through ingredients with minimal effort. Its good looks will turn heads, but to cut with this object will make your jaw drop. From the balance in the hand, to the blade's full distal taper and needle-like tip, to the weight, proportions, and overall form, this chef's knife is designed and built to tackle every cut in any kitchen, morning, noon, and night. Tying it all together is a stunning handle of cocobolo wood, faceted on three sides along the top, and curved to hug the fingers along the bottom, then capped with a polished, heirloom-fit steel bolster. A function-first cutting tool exquisitely fashioned from tip to handle.