Sterling Blackwood Chef 275mm

From artisan and bladesmith Eliane Leblanc, world-class violin maker and lifelong connoisseur of finely crafted tools, our first delivery from her Boston, Massachusetts studio is this elegant and striking 275mm damascus chef knife. Forged by hand from house-made, 1084 & 15n20 carbon steels damascus, the blade offers a wonderfully balanced and weighted upswept profile, rewardingly thin behind the extremely sharp edge, subtly convex throughout the polished bevels, and 55mm tall at the heel. The distal taper of the rounded spine intensifies especially toward the end, providing a fine, needle-like tip for precision cuts, and a slight touch of lateral flexibility in the final inches only, making the otherwise stiff, purposeful blade versatile and efficient. Equally as magnificent is the handle: sculpted from African Blackwood, a spacer and ferrule of polished sterling silver provide a stunning complement to the contrasted blade finish and a classic, understated, yet luxurious aesthetic, and delivering comfort and control at every turn.