Koa Go-Mai Chef 212mm

From Arizona bladesmith Don Nguyen comes a truly stunning and unique piece of culinary art. A departure from his well-known full-tang knives with their geometric handles and blades inspired by the engineer's mind, this one-of-a-kind chef knife is first noticed for its profile, with handle raised slightly from the blade's spine, a tall heel at 64mm, aggressive, triangular tip which adds to the blade's belly and overall fullness, and the hidden-tang handle construction. Most striking, however, is the blade material; for this project Don created his own go-mai (five layer) steel consisting of outer cladding in house-made damascus with approximately 200 layers, followed by thin layers of 15n20 carbon steel, and finally the core of 52100 carbon alloy. Thin and razor-sharp at the edge, the knife is light and quick in the hand, beautifully balanced and designed for daily use. The handle, every bit as captivating as the blade, is sculpted with a combination of flat faces and gentle curves from striking koa wood with white G10. Simply superb in every way.