Black Satin Chef 240mm

Don Nguyen's classic full-tang chef knives are coveted and sought after for good reason. An engineer and talented maker based in Arizona, Don's work is refined in every respect, from the purposefully designed profiles of his blades, to the geometry and balance of the blade's bevels and cutting edge, to the fit, finish, and precise form of his handle. This 240mm / 9.45" chef knife fits the bill. The 52100 carbon steel, a simple, high-chromium favorite amongst culinary tool makers for its combination of attributes that include a degree of corrosion resistance compared with other carbon steels, edge toughness on the cutting board, and high wear resistance, make it an excellent choice for daily use in the kitchen, and Don finishes it with beautiful, silky satin bevels. Thin and convex at the edge, stiff and wide along the tapering spine, and rounded and polished down the choil, the blade is as beautiful as it is useful. And then there is the handle: jacketing a tang that tapers to a thin end in the rear are layers of blue-infused carbon fiber first, topped with geometric pieces of black G10 for comfort and control.