White Crane Bartender's Knife

The art of cocktail preparation demands a knife as fine as the drinks you mix. This thin, stainless, razor sharp blade, designed and crafted by Don Carlos Andrade specifically for use behind the bar, will peel and slice all variety of cocktail garnishes and ingredients with ease, in tight spaces, and in style. Be inspired for the new garnish designs that will become possible. With a silky, hand-sanded finish, the 140mm / 5.6” blade in AEB-L stainless steel offers a long lasting, high-performance edge for endless slices, with nothing short of beautiful form to match its superb function. Polished and rounded like the blade's spine, the elegant, curved choil extends downward from the antique ivory micarta handle that features a translucent green G10 inlay, detail carvings, and hand-hammered stainless steel pins. A custom made, cloth-covered saya is included.