Purple Rain French Chef 243mm

Seemingly larger than life in more ways than one, this precision-forged chef knife by California bladesmith Don Carlos Andrade features a 243mm / 9.5" blade of carbon damascus created in Washington by Salem Straub. Producing an unusual and striking finish, Don has given the blade his oft-seen differential heat treatment to reveal a hamon line that runs through the steel's stunning pattern, the result of which is a two-tone appearance unlike any blade before it. In the classic French Alsace style, the blade appears to be inlaid into the robust and hand-filling handle, then tapers steadily from that point to a needle-like tip, with sharp edge below Don's superb convex bevel geometry. The sculpted handle will be seen from across the room, carved out of G.L. Hansen & Sons Charlotte's Rainbow Pattern G-carta. A cloth-covered saya is included to carry and store this one-of-a-kind piece of functional art.